What Is The ‘Knockout’ Game?

In Of interest, Video on November 14, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Running up behind an unsuspecting victim and knocking them out. Yeah that is real sporting. Across the country teens and young adults are doing just that – playing the “knockout” game where the object is knocking out an unsuspecting person. This is a random act of violence that teens are playing. A game – better if you are able to knock the person out with one hit. Yeah – real sporting and another reason why things are so wrong in this country. What is going to happen when that poor unsuspecting teen tries to “knockout” a person who fights back – maybe even shoots and kill that teen. Who do you think the outrage will be directed towards?

News One

Three New Jersey teens are currently locked up on murder charges after they allegedly punched a man to death during a game of “Knockout, according to the New York Daily News.

The three teens, all from Jersey City, followed the homeless Hoboken man, Ralph Erick Santiago, 46, down a street back in September. One of the boys punched Santiago, causing him to fall back from the blow and collapse onto an iron fence, where he died after his neck was wedged between two posts, police said.

Full story and video: News One

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  1. It looks as if these kids grew up without any moral compass. To think that this is alright.

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